ALC Interview Questions

Assistant Labour Commissioner Interview at UPSC. 
These are the actual interview questions asked to the candidate 
who attended coaching at Career Quest Institute.
Interview duration: Around 15 minutes.
Board members: 4
Questions are mainly biodata based as in every UPSC interview.

* Tell me about your PhD topic.
* What is the problem of migration? How it is creating labour problems?
* What should be done to solve this problem?
* Which law you have studied in MBA
* Definition of occupier?
* How to recognise trade union?
* Why we have equal remuneration act?
* What problems you have seen in women workers?
* Compensation act?
* You have done job but not filled in form. Why?
* Very few people work in organised sector. Why?
* Education/literacy increased but unorganised sector in not improved.

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Phone numbers are 09811299811, 09990840999.



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